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Why you Should Hire an Attorney

Injuries of all kinds can be rather common in car accidents, and their severity varies greatly depending on many factors. Whether it’s a simple headache and dizziness or a herniated disc, accident-victims simply want to recover – physically, mentally, and financially. If you did not cause the accident, why should you struggle to afford your own medical treatment?

These individuals who have suffered an injury in an accident may earn compensation for their losses by filing a first- or third-party insurance claim and negotiating a settlement with their own insurance-providers. If you deem the proposed settlement/s insufficient, there is the option of taking the case to court with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.
Why is a personal injury attorney’s assistance so important?

Average citizens are unlikely to have much experience with personal injury protection (PIP) claims, especially firsthand experience, and there are simply too many steps to organize and factors to evaluate. More important, however, is your attorney’s guidance when negotiating a settlement for your claim. A proposed offer may look great on paper, but an attorney may not hesitate to inform you if it’s less than what you should actually receive. Negotiating alone leaves claimants vulnerable to what are labelled “bad faith” insurance practices in the form of offering low and unfair settlements; furthermore, if the insurance provider is particularly stubborn and the case may go to court, will you be prepared to litigate on your own behalf? Unfortunately, these individuals stand little chance without an attorney, which is why we advise you to seek legal representation as soon as possible.

Here are some more important reasons to hire an attorney when filing your claim:

– No financial risk. Many injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they are not paid fees unless your case is won and there is no upfront financial obligation.
– A faster claims process. Generally, insurance providers are no more interested in lengthy trials than accident-victims themselves. When facing an experienced attorney, they may very well resolve the case faster than if the claimant is attempting to negotiate alone to prevent further or delayed action.
– Greater compensation, especially in the long run. When personal injury cases go to trial, verdicts can be less predictable and some may result in far greater amounts than were proposed by the insurance provider. These outcomes are particularly common when plaintiffs are awarded punitive damages (when the at-fault party acted intentionally or expressed “gross negligence”) in addition to compensatory damages.


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