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The Increasing Demand for Prescription Diet Pills

If you were trying to market a product that can cause heart problems, high blood pressure, liver damage, and many more serious health issues, you would think it would be a tough sell and that you would have your work cut out for you. But on the contrary for prescription diet pills like Phentermine 37.5mg tablets many users complain when they are taken off them and try to find other ways to obtain these potentially dangerous drugs, they would do almost anything to find a diet pill that made weight loss effortless. An industry that preys on the desperation of its customers, a customer base that is so desperate to lose weight that it will put something in their bodies that could potentially kill them. Now that is a form of customer loyalty not seen in many other industries.

I am sure that the pharmaceutical companies that manufactures and produces these diet pills do not intend for users to suffer any health issues while using them. And these users usually know the health risks of these prescription diet pills before taking them, would this not relieve the pharmaceutical companies from any liability if the user were to get any of the related health issues. There needs to be culpability on both sides if and when something goes wrong, it is always easy to blame big business, but we need to take responsibility for our own actions.

Knowing the health issues that these prescription diet pills have the potential to cause why would someone consider using them, do they work that well? Prescription diet pills need to be FDA approved before they can go on the market, which means they have done studies and know how much weight loss can result from taking their pills. These pills will help you lose weight with varying degrees of success, usually between 5-22 pounds of course there is always an advertisement that shows someone who lost a high amount of weight, but the fine print always reads results not typical. Also these weight loss pills can only be used for short period of time usually three months for two reasons, one your body will become used to the medication and will lose its effectiveness and two with some of these pills you run the risk of addiction.

So why the ever increasing demands for these diet pills and what keeps people coming back? For starters when someone starts taking the pills they are excited and usually are watching what they eat, exercising and changing their habits to start living a healthy lifestyle. So inevitably the weight comes off in a rapid fashion and they forget about the changes they made and contribute all of it to the diet pill.

Weight loss is a long process with no quick solution or magic pill; it comes from healthy eating, exercising, and a lifestyle change. Diet pills can be helpful but they are only one part of the solution and should only be used under a doctor’s supervision. Prescription diet pills cannot do the work for you every one of them comes with the instructions that it is to be used along with diet and exercise.

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