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Scams of the Diet Pill Industry

The booming business of selling diet pills, whether it is prescription or over the counter pills is becoming more lucrative than anyone could imagine. In 2009 the revenues from weight loss pills reach almost 27 billion dollars in the United States; that is an increase over the 24 billion dollars spent in 2007. As with most industries that become this large there are many people who will try to make money regardless of the harm it may do to people.

From Fen-Phen and Starcaps to just plain selling of worthless pills there has been a problem in this industry for a long time. This is not to say every diet pill is worthless, but the old saying caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware) is certainly very true in this case. When major corporations invest millions of dollars to research and produce these drugs and without regard to what the research shows more than likely the pill will be put on the market and it will be declared as the miracle weight loss pill.

One of the most popular diet pills that have ever been on the market is Phentermine; it is a pill that has been labeled by the DEA as a narcotic. What this means is that it can no longer be purchased online in the United States, so all those websites that say they will sell you Phentermine are flat out lying to you. This is just one example of the many prescription diet pills that are claimed to be sold online, if you are trying to buy prescription weight loss pills online only one of two things can happen. One, you are not getting the actual pill but a cheap rip off, two, you are getting it from overseas and you are breaking the law.

All these weight loss pills can be obtained by going to your doctor and getting a prescription for them and honestly with all the side effects and dangers that are associated with these pills you should be under a doctor’s care. Now if your doctor does not think that a prescription weight loss pill is in your best interest there are many over the counter diet pills that are very effective and just as helpful as prescription diet pills. Do some research and visit various weight loss communities and see what is working for other people and find the one that is right for you.

Remember that whenever you start a diet, exercise, or weight loss program you should always consult a physician.

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