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Illinois Nursing Homes Poor Track Record

Illinois nursing homes have an unfortunately poor track record when it comes to levels of care provided—they have the worst resident to direct care worker ratio anywhere in the country. Daily living support for elderly people in nursing homes (hygiene, assistance eating, moving from beds to wheelchairs) comes from direct care workers; they’re crucial for the safety and dignity of nursing home residents.

This chronic under staffing has caused elder care advocates to repeatedly call for changes at nursing homes to ensure all residents have the support they need. The owners and operators of long-term care facilities reply that they are tapped out financially, and cannot afford to hire more employees, since they don’t have the cash flow to pay for them. This is not the case. Investors are pouring into the nursing home industry, which yields heavy profits. Recently an investor paid $55.8 million to acquire two nursing homes, one in Chicago and one in Evergreen Park (this was reported in Chicago Real Estate Daily).

The purchase went through in July; Legacy Healthcare Financial Services LLC bought Warren Barr Pavilion in Chicago and Evergreen Health Care Center in Evergreen Park (together, these homes have 513 beds), shortly after the company purchased nursing homes in Rogers Park and Northbrook. And the company intends to buy three more facilities in Illinois by year’s end. One local real estate professional explained the local senior housing care market like this: “Investor demand is at an all-time high.” The population in the United States is aging, and mostly we put our elderly loved ones in someone else’s care; that this care is provided by purposely understaffed, wealthy corporations, is troubling. The only way to hold such companies accountable, after an incident of Chicago nursing home neglect or abuse, is through lawsuits.

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